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Candle in YUKI ceramics

Natural soy candle

- with a wooden wick (the wick burns and produces the sound of a burning fire),

- in an original clay pot that we make in our workshop,

- white glaze with brown dots, the number and arrangement of which may vary.

Available in several wonderful fragrance compositions to choose from (please enter your chosen scent in the order comment):

- "fern flower" scent with a delicate note of geranium

- "field herbs" scent with a cheerful note of lavender

- "jungle" scent with a stimulating note of lemongrass

- "koala's dream" scent with a relaxing note of eucalyptus

- a "forest spirit" scent with a deep note of cedar

- "forest scent" scent with a relaxing note of coniferous trees

- a "spring morning" scent with a wonderfully refreshing note of bergamot

- "herbarium" scent with a feminine note of rosewood

- a "tropical" scent with a sweet note of tangerine

- "cinnamon shop" scent with a warming note of vanilla and cinnamon

- "Christmas scent" with a note of cloves, orange and vanilla

After burning the candle, the vessel can be used as a cup or a plant cover.

The soy wax from which the candle is made is ecological and biodegradable.
The essential oils we add are natural and without chemical additives.

We try to make each candle as similar as possible, but the vessels may differ slightly, which makes each candle unique and unique.

Approximate dimensions:
8 cm/10 cm (height/width)
Capacity: approx. 300 ml
Burning time: over 40 hours
Wick: wooden


To light the wick, hold the match against it longer.

To keep the candle burning continuously, trim the charred wick before each lighting. Burn candles under supervision and in a place inaccessible to children and animals.

Each candle should be handled carefully to avoid burns.

Candle in YUKI ceramics


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