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Soy candle in a 120 ml jar
A natural candle in a stylish brown glass jar with a practical cap with an intense scent.

Available in several wonderful fragrance compositions to choose from in the product options:

- "fern flower" scent with a delicate note of geranium

- "secret garden" scent with a sensual note of patchouli

- "field herbs" scent with a cheerful note of lavender

- "jungle" scent with a stimulating note of lemongrass

- "koala's dream" scent with a relaxing note of eucalyptus

- "forest spirit" scent with a deep note of sandalwood, perfect for meditation

- "forest scent" scent with a relaxing note of coniferous trees

- a "spring morning" scent with a wonderfully refreshing note of bergamot

- "herbarium" scent with a feminine note of rosewood

- a "tropical" scent with a sweet note of tangerine

- "cinnamon shop" scent with a warming note of vanilla and cinnamon

- the smell of Christmas

Capacity 120 ml

Burning time approximately 25 hours.

Burn candles under supervision and in a place inaccessible to children and animals.
Each candle should be handled carefully to avoid burns.

Soy candle in a 120 ml jar


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